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Regulatory reporting and finance services

Since 2011, DG Regulatory Finance has given bespoke financial advice and assistance to companies, governments and regulators involved in complying with all aspects of regulatory standards and regulatory reporting.

Regulatory standards exist to protect and further the interests of citizens and consumers by ensuring effective competition.
(Statutory duties of Ofcom and Ofwat).

For regulatory reporting and finance, these standards are implemented by ensuring that:

“Fair, objective and transparent criteria are followed . . . in allocating their costs to services . . .”
(European Commission Recommendation of 19 September 2005).

The role of standards for regulatory finance

Regulatory standards help regulated companies comply with their regulatory finance obligations and price controls to ensure fair competition, and that they are being transparent in the information they provide to customers and stakeholders.  The regulations cover three main goals:

  • to promote competition,
  • to secure standards and improve quality, and
  • to protect consumers from harm.

We specialise in the production of transparent and accurate regulatory reporting, accounts, and the development of clear regulatory frameworks with strong compliance and governance standards.

Our experience can meet your regulatory challenges

Regulatory reporting and compliance is developing alongside new operational and commercial challenges and changing customer needs.  Different industries, and even different companies within the same industry, face issues specific to their individual circumstances, and require a bespoke approach.

DG Regulatory Finance prides itself on providing a personal client-centred approach. Our team of regulatory specialists have many years’ experience of meeting regulatory and commercial challenges in regulated industries. We take time to understand your business and work with you to find cost-effective, innovative solutions to your regulatory compliance and finance issues, meeting and furthering your commercial and regulatory requirements.

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How we work with you

We work with you at every stage, whether you are looking for quick solutions or long term support. We share our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of regulatory reporting and compliance, bringing you unrivalled practical experience from our extensive network of specialists. The work we do includes:

  • Designing regulatory frameworks for companies, regulators, and governments.
  • Providing expert advice on existing regulatory frameworks to minimise regulatory risk and maximise business opportunities.
  • Guidance on regulatory compliance issues such as cost-orientation, non-discrimination, cross-subsidy, margin squeeze, and price controls.
  • Regulatory reporting and costing – whether setting up from scratch or improving your existing reporting.
  • Dispute and appeals management.
  • Regulatory cost modelling.
  • Advising on any ad-hoc regulatory compliance, governance, or reporting issues you may encounter.

We currently work primarily in the telecommunication and water industries, but our broad expertise is also applicable in other sectors such as energy, broadcasting, rail, and air.


TelecomsWe have unrivalled practical regulatory finance experience in the telecommunications sector. 

David Gough, the founder of DG Regulatory Finance, has more than 20 years’ experience with British Telecom, where he was instrumental in providing BT’s regulatory accounts: liaising with the regulator, auditors, and briefing senior management on regulatory compliance issues and risks. In this role, his expertise was a major factor in assisting BT with the publication of its complex regulatory accounts in the fastest time ever.


Our extensive network of regulatory experts, together with David’s BT experience, have the specialist skills to meet all telecommunication regulatory issues. Our unique experience helps companies, governments, and regulators find fresh and innovative ways to develop their commercial plans and regulatory frameworks.

Our telecommunication clients include:


“David spent many years managing the production of the regulatory accounts for BT plc. He dealt with some very technically complex matters, and managed the projects within the overall annual plan well. The 9/10 accounts were the most complex and were produced in the fastest time ever by the team David was part of. David is a very capable expert in the field of regulatory finance. ”
Phil Moses, former BT CFO.


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Water droplet

Our practical experience is proving invaluable as new challenges arise from opening up the UK water sector to competition.

New regulatory challenges have arisen within the UK water sector as non-household companies face greater competition.

David Gough, the founder of DG Regulatory Finance, has more than 20 years’ experience with British Telecom. David has brought this experience to his work with a number of water companies, helping them to succeed in meeting these challenges.

David’s considerable experience in the water sector, combined with our network of regulatory specialists, mean we have the specialist skills and insights needed to tackle the issues facing the water sector today. Typically these include new wholesale and retail price controls, cost reflective accounting, charging guidance, and market reforms as well as the implications of climate change, population growth and increasing water scarcity.

Our water clients include

“David’s many years of practical regulatory finance specialist experience have provided DCWW with a unique and fresh perspective on the regulatory challenges facing Welsh Water. David’s extensive knowledge and specialist experience has been very valuable in helping us across a wide range of areas including regulatory compliance, governance, and charging guidance to effectively meet our regulatory challenges.”
Paul Edwards, Head of DCWW Economics and Charges.

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Other sectors

PylonOur skills and experience go beyond the water and telecommunications sectors. We have unrivalled regulatory expertise in working with companies, governments, and regulators throughout the world. This means we are ideally placed to help you deal with the regulatory challenges in the energy, broadcasting, rail, and air sectors.

“David is very knowledgeable on regulatory accounting, its practical application in setting prices and many other aspects of regulation. He is an effective project manager and good at motivating teams”
Chris Esslin-Peard, former Head of Regulatory Finance, BT and Director of Future Price Limits at Ofwat


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