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Case Studies

Welsh Water (DCWW)

DG Regulatory Finance Ltd. is working with DCWW to ensure their wholesale and retail prices meet the challenges – such as wholesale and retail price controls, charging guidance, and new regulatory controls – that are emerging from opening up the water sector to competition. Our work includes peer reviewing DCWW costing and charging models to make sure they meet the latest legal and regulatory compliance requirements as well as best practice. We are also advising on responses to Ofwat’s proposals and consultations.

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United Utilities Water (UU)

DG Regulatory Finance provided UU with advice and practical assistance regarding the regulatory reforms and challenges – such as new wholesale and retail price controls, and changing regulatory obligations – resulting from the water sector being opened up to greater competition. This work included advising on significant changes to regulatory accounting that may be required in the future, and providing cost and charging guidance to meet the new wholesale and retail price controls.

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TELE Greenland

As part of a GOS Consulting team, we have provided regulatory finance and accounting advice to TELE Greenland – the telecommunications provider in Greenland – during their government’s liberalisation of internet services. Our work with GOS Consulting also includes producing and implementing the first ever audited regulatory accounts for TELE Greenland along with a supporting reporting framework, to ensure they achieve regulatory compliance with the government’s new obligations.

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Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)

Our work with a GOS Consulting team to support the telecommunications’ regulator in Gibraltar (GRA) involves reviewing the incumbent operator’s regulatory accounts to ensure they comply with the regulatory reporting obligations. We also assist the GRA as part of the GOS Consulting team in improving the quality of the information they receive, which includes consultations to improve and simplify the regulatory reporting framework for Gibraltar.

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