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Many years of experience as a regulatory finance specialist allow DG Regulatory Finance to find unique solutions to the individual challenges facing companies, governments and regulators in the water, telecom, and other sectors.

Companies, governments, and regulators in the utilities and communications sectors come to DG Regulatory Finance for bespoke solutions to all types of regulatory compliance issues.

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David Gough, regulatory finance specialist

David Gough, regulatory finance specialist

A regulatory finance specialist with more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry, David established DG Regulatory Finance in 2011.  He now works internationally and in the UK, helping utility and telecommunications companies, governments, and regulators with a wide range of regulatory compliance and finance issues.  Read about some of his clients here.

A significant part of David’s corporate career was spent with British Telecom, where he was responsible for the end-to-end project management of BT’s regulatory reporting and accounts post-production process. His work involved managing multiple projects, negotiating with external stakeholders and auditors, working with consultants, and explaining the risks and opportunities of complex regulatory issues. His work was a major factor in assisting BT with the publication of its complex regulatory accounts in the fastest time ever.

Since then, his work has included improving the annual compliance report for a major UK water company, water and telecommunications projects in the Middle East, using his experience with Ofcom to improve Royal Mail’s regulatory reporting, and setting up a regulatory reporting framework and production of the first regulatory accounts for TELE Greenland.  Read some case studies of his work.

David has also run a training course on regulatory accounting for the European Commission in Brussels.

David is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holds a BA Honours degree in Accounting and Finance.

“David is…incredibly cool in a crisis, very, very knowledgeable . . . He effortlessly combines a very professional approach with excellent personal and team management skills – these combined with a keen intellect make David a key player in any regulatory team.

Momin Hayee

Telecomms Advisory Services, Ernst and Young

David is a very capable expert in the field of regulatory finance.

Phil Moses

Former CFO Openreach, BT plc

Our Team

Our years of experience in regulatory accounting allows us to draw on an established network from the regulatory field. We work closely with seasoned experts in:

  • Regulatory strategy, governance and compliance.
  • Designing regulatory frameworks for companies, regulators and governments.
  • Regulatory project management and process improvement.
  • Regulatory reporting compliance issues such as cost orientation, non-discrimination, cross-subsidy, margin squeeze and price controls.
  • Price regulation and anti-competitive pricing investigation.
  • Disputes and appeals management.
  • Regulatory cost modelling.
  • Other ad-hoc issues involving regulatory compliance, governance or reporting.

We can help you resolve your regulatory finance issues while meeting and exceeding your business requirements. Our regulatory finance specialist network offers a fresh insight to your regulatory challenges.

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